Lees hier gratis ‘De Vechtscheidingsindustrie (1): ‘Zorg dat mijn ex de kinderen niet meer ziet’

Alina, de (vecht)scheidingsindustrie, hoe herkenbaar al die ‘gevallen’, echter mijn ervaringen/informatie/analyse na 17 jaar verwerking&strijd is een heel andere, overigens Zorro hoorde niet bij Dwaze Vaders maar bij Gescheiden Vaders Nederland (GVN) en zijn actiegroep Familie4Justice (Fam4J), groet

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Essential Knowledge for All Rejected Parents

This week I have once again been up and down the land working with families where alienation strikes. I have worked with severe cases of alienation this week and hybrid cases. In both situations th…

Bron: Essential Knowledge for All Rejected Parents

my children were 6 and 4, their mother died 3,5 years ago, they don’t want their father for 6 years now, my children are now 22 and 20, mother’s UNwill was law, UNwill is also law for my children, i did all i could for 16 years long, till their mother died i thought they would come back sooner or later, now i think its never ever going to be okay again

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Reconfiguring the Child’s Mind: Post Reunification Work

When a child is reunited with the parent they have rejected all sorts of strange things start to happen.  The most strange to the parent who has been previously rejected, is the manner in which the…

Bron: Reconfiguring the Child’s Mind: Post Reunification Work

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We don’t need men’s rights 

And we don’t need feminism, either.

Bron: We don’t need men’s rights | Feminism | Free speech | Life | Love and sex | spiked

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Losing my religion (phase 2) – Whatever Works

Losing my religion (phase 2) – Whatever Works.

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Blinded by the light…


Karen Woodall

This week I am pursuing my work on the shadow theme and looking at all things not seen in alienation because they are lurking in the shadows caused by the blinding light shone by the alienating parent.  Light and shadow has been a real metaphor for me recently as I have assisted in several successful reunions of children and their rejected parents and have noticed in all of them that the light in the children’s eyes has been restored through that.  This light, which to my eye looks like the liberation of the child’s repressed love for a parent, is so clearly missing in children who are alienated that I have recently begun to photograph the faces of children with whom I work to determine the before and after difference.  Not because I think it is something that we can scientifically rely upon, but because it is such a startling…

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Blinded by the light…

Blinded by the light….

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