Blinded by the light…

Blinded by the light….

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existence is no life anymore, fullworthy unalienable FATHERHOOD delivers best, while DEFATHERING ruines the lives of children&fathers!
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3 Responses to Blinded by the light…

  1. I write in English and I hope this does not offend you, if so I apologise. A long missive but you may be needed to be brought up to speed on current events in England and Wales. If you are affected by this then please do respond. Parental alienation is one form of domestic psychological violence it should be punishable by a custodial sentence and withdrawal of direct residency for their children.
    I understand your plight; I empathise but I am never going to stop regaining my children, never. I know that this may be out of place a comment, but we must never defer from the common and greater good…Our children have a moral and to legal right to be in association with both their parents and their family members. Only known criminal child abusers should be restricted from unsupervised contact and this can vary dependent on the success of therapy.
    Please remember that Karen’s work is in one way unique and she and her team are in a proactive position to be responsible in the England and Wales for helping write legislation for responsible parity in parenting; there will be innumerable families once this legislation is enacted for needing dynamic units attached to NHS Health Clinics to support family repatriation.
    We must not continue to act in the past and living on our memories; good as they are they are NOT enough. We must begin to plan for this reality and draw ordinary parents with children to realise this. Remember, every year in the UK, 350,000 couples separate with children. About 80% are mature enough to act in the best interests of children. 20% don’t; that is about 70.000 or up to 140,000 children; the population of Exeter and Camborne/Redruth combined annually! This is a debacle and it is ruining children and family lives which is abusive and should be seen as the Courts as this which with new as aforementioned legislation will bring to light.
    Many millions of people have to realise that there are only two reasons for this; political and the benefit equivalent incomes. Political; aggressive persons who see children as private property and not those which should be protected by the various children’s acts (I use the lower case description because of the number of children who have been abused because of these acts and the way millions of alienated parents have perverted their interpretation and got away with such violence against children). Privatisation of children, 90% by women (10% by men) is just common theft; gametes from sex cells make a child, QED. Nothing else is relevant. Responsibility as a parent is the crucial point not the biological development. Female politicians who are unbalanced in their minds use children as hostages (90% of the time) and therefore corrupt any form of change in legislation, until now, for the needs for responsible parity parenting. The Legal profession benefit financially as the current Legal Aid (Government Funding, AKA and in the like to Benefit Income sourced from the DWP in this case there is no difference; solicitors are just acting benefit receivers but at a much higher rate; their one hour is equivalent to forty hours of others!) And legal aid is still available for clients who “promote” domestic abuse against the other irrespective of it being factual or in most cases fictional!
    So now you see the real “enemies”. We need only bring this to the common knowledge of people in England and Wales and then in all civilised nations across the EU and globally.
    Thank you for allowing me my opinions and feelings; I am a trained Samaritan and similar stories to me are uttered regularly by both men AND women…Take care, (Dr. Nigel Miles).

    • AdVader says:

      thnx for your comment Nigel,
      i’m aware of what you write, however, children have the human right on natural familylife, divorce is not normal, divorce is child abuse and alienation to begin with, the divorcing parent is unfit.

  2. AdVader says:

    devils advocate, let me know if u understood my reaction okay? much obliged..

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